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Assisting women from homelessness to stable independent living.
homeless women, homeless, homelessness, shelter, safety, stability, shelter, women's shelter, Bellevue, homeless in King County
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How we respond to a crisis reflects our humanity. Our own community is going through a crisis and now is the time we can step up and become "helpers". The homelessness crisis in King County is getting worse. We know from the one night count,...

As you can see from our housing numbers, June has been a busy month with a lot of movement into housing! This is even more impressive when you stop to think we are living in one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation....

In light of what is unfolding around the nation and in our own community, I think it is necessary that The Sophia Way affirms its philosophy and values. [icons size='fa-1x' custom_size='' icon='fa-plus-circle' type='normal' position='' border='yes' border_color='' icon_color='' background_color='' margin='' icon_animation='' icon_animation_delay='' link='' target='_self'] We believe in...