57 Women Housed in 6 Months!

Dear Sujata,

We are halfway through 2022 and have good news to share.

We set a goal to house 100 women this year, and six months into the year, 57 women have found a place to call home!

Case managers have supported women in finding employment, building life skills, and getting help for mental and physical health issues. Weekly meetings and a stability plan with short- and long-term goals helps women to keep track of their goals and find joy when they reach them, including finding housing.

Another goal was to begin the Behavioral Health Program. It took some extra time in this challenging hiring environment, but we have hired a Behavioral Health Specialist who is working with clients and ready to help staff when needed. And, we are still seeking a Behavioral Health Program Manager.

As summer rolls on, we are delighted to welcome many more volunteers as shelter assistants at Helen’s Place and Sophia’s Place. They have been incredible in supporting staff in serving lunch and cleaning up after. We are working on more opportunities for the community to contribute their skills with arts and craft, and self-care activities at the shelters. We will share these on our website in a few weeks.

Coming up in September and October is Sheltering: A Place to Call Home, our annual fundraiser. Please consider hosting an event for your friends, neighbors, family, colleagues, civic or faith groups to learn more about how we are providing hope and change for women in our community. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

With gratitude,

Dietra Clayton, Managing Executive Director
Zee Peters, Executive Director, Development & Engagement
Sophia Hernandez, Executive Director, Finance & Operations