The Way Forward for The Sophia Way

There is hope and optimism in the air – bringing with it a renewed commitment to help the nation and our community thrive. For us at The Sophia Way, it is an exciting time as we present a new vision and the strategic framework that will guide us forward.

Last year’s events prompted us to think about the future of the women we serve and what we must do to grow our impact over the next few years. With the support of a consulting firm, we engaged with community members to gather input on the possibilities for the organization’s work and advance solutions to address the issue of homelessness that affects more than 11,000 people in King County, among them an ever-growing number of seniors.

I am proud to share with you The Sophia Way Forward. The 360-degree approach focuses on creating partnerships to drive solutions to support those experiencing homelessness; think beyond shelter to provide a continuum of care; and build capacity and resources leveraging the expertise of the community and staff. The document will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure we remain responsive and relevant in our approach to supporting women.

As we moved through the formation of the strategic framework, we realized the need to refresh the organizational mission and values, and add an important piece—a vision for the organization and the women we serve. This new positioning for The Sophia Way is the outcome of shared reflections by the board and staff, and community members.

Vision: All women have a place to call home – is inspirational, reflecting the reality that home may not mean the same to every woman.

Mission: The Sophia Way is a place of hope and change for women. We support them on their journey from homelessness to safe and stable living – communicates a commitment to putting our heart and soul into supporting women.

Values: Welcoming, Dignity, Supportive, Compassionate, and Inclusive – portray how we work as an organization holistically, our board, staff, and the women we serve.

From these core pieces, we have also refreshed the logo tagline that reflects the three pillars of work – providing women shelter, safety, and stability.

We are inspired by the resilience and indomitable spirit we witness in the women we meet and serve every day.

And, your constant concern for women without homes and your passion for giving motivates us endlessly. Thank you for your compassion and generosity. Many of you have walked side-by-side with The Sophia Way since its inception and now, as we take our next steps forward, we are immensely proud to have a vibrant community by our side.

Together, we will help every women find a place they can call home.

Warm regards,

Alisa Chatinsky
Executive Director

P.S. On March 17, we will be hosting Coffee with the ED to discuss the framework and the way forward. I hope you can join me. If you are unable to make the date, please reach out to me with questions or comments you may have.