Dietra Clayton featured in Bellevue Lifestyle
A place of hope and change for women.
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Dietra Clayton featured in Bellevue Lifestyle

Dietra Clayton, Director of Client Services and Shelter Programs at The Sophia Way, was spotlighted in Bellevue Lifestyle, May 2021 in their feature on Women Who Lead.

Tell us about your work. Did you plan to be where you are today?

The Sophia Way serves women who are experiencing homelessness, as well as supports women with permanent housing and supportive services. “Planning” is not something that I did for many years, as I truly lived in survival mode, but my desire to serve and give voice to those who are voiceless, or silenced by social rules that are not rooted in equity has always been a part of me.

Are there any current trends shaping the way you do business?

This is a loaded question for me given my field. I would say not in business, but in society, the fight for equity leads to investigating policies that have not helped, but hindered. I find this climate helpful in being able to truly address the needs in our community with appropriate resources.

Can you tell us about a recent proud moment or win or share a challenge you are facing?

A proud moment for Sophia Way was during a pandemic everyone came together to ensure that our new shelter Helen’s Place was built and ready to house women. It was a learning experience for me to be part of creating a building from top to bottom while making adjustments to ensure the space truly fits our clients. It was challenging, but I was able to learn about architecture, zoning, community panels, and even interior design.

Name a crucial life or business skill.

Communication and authenticity, I believe the two go hand in hand. Brene Brown says it best “Clear is kind” this works whether its acquisitions, sales, or serving our community.

Do you have a favorite Eastside recommendation?

I love SoulCentered Strength for a good sweat and Cindy’s Nails for those pamper days.