Gifts of Warmth
A place of hope and change for women.
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Gifts of Warmth

Mylene Dunphy and her daughter Victoria are part of a National Charity League-Emerald City. Their mission is to help serve our community by giving our girls the opportunity to lead the process.


My daughter Victoria and I are part of a mother/daughter organization called National Charity League-Emerald City. We are the class of 2020, which includes a group of 21 girls. Our mission is to help serve our community by giving our girls the opportunity to lead the process. The Sophia Way has been a conducive part of this process.

This year our class decided, they wanted to create 50 winter kits for the women served by The Sophia Way. It took many steps to get from idea to delivery. Our class Treasurer, Victoria, created the grant and then she and Taylor navigated to get the necessary items. The bags included gloves, socks, Kleenex, cough drops, hand sanitizer, and hand warmers. At a Chapter meeting we asked the mothers to help write a special note to be included in the kits. Finally, our class packed individual kits with the notes and helped deliver them.

I was fortunate enough to be the delivery person. When I reached the Day Center, Chantal [the day center manager] guided me and the next 20 minutes were spent in quietly placing the kits, trying not to disturb the women. As I placed each kit, I could see the appreciations in their eyes. Many of them said a quick thank you. When one of them said: “I really needed the cough drops, it was perfect timing,” I was so touched.

It took many hands and hearts to complete this work.

Thank you to the team at The Sophia Way – Kavya Sarat, Dietra Clayton, Banu Lakshmi, and Chantal Namuhoza for making it easy for us to do our work. I truly appreciated that. I applaud you all for your strength of teamwork.

Thank you for all you do and for allowing us be a tiny part of this. You really made our project a successful and rewarding one!