Gratitude Report 2021

Healing & Recovery

In 2021, we continued to face new and ongoing challenges of the pandemic with your support. Your caring, compassion, and generosity helped ensure that women had the shelter and safety they needed to find hope and embrace change on their journey to stability.

Women not only found a safe, welcoming place at the shelters – they had access to meals, their belongings were safely stored, and they had the same place to return to at night. Shelter staff and case managers stepped up repeatedly to ensure the women felt loved even when facing the unknowns of the pandemic.

Operating two shelters means that 61 women have care and resources every day. We are grateful for the support we receive from area businesses, foundations, faith and civic groups, and countless individuals that ensure women have all they need to thrive.

With an ambitious goal of housing 100 women in 2021, we were happy to be able to find housing for 85. It reinforces the reality that there is a critical lack of affordable housing in our region, especially on the Eastside. But we celebrate other accomplishments, including that 20% of the women found temporary or transitional housing and 39% of the women with no income when they came to us, secured employment.

2021 also brought a change in organizational leadership and a new, shared leadership model that offered the opportunity to grow leaders from within the organization. This format allows greater inter-department communication, streamlining decision-making. We are honored that you have embraced this leadership team with support, curiosity, and shared wisdom. We are eager to see shared leadership spread throughout the organization as we continue to grow and serve women on the Eastside.

Maya Subramanian
Board Chair

Dietra Clayton
Managing Executive Director

Zee Peters
Executive Director
Development & Engagement

Sophia Hernandez
Executive Director
Finance & Operations