I Faced Down My Dragon
A place of hope and change for women.
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I Faced Down My Dragon

This poem is written by Jennifer Kerr-Healy, who is in our program. She recited it at our Donor and Volunteer appreciation evening in December 2014. She is currently working full-time and will be moving into her own apartment in January.

I Faced Down My Dragon
When I arrived at Sophia’s, I was lost
The circumstances in which I found myself,
Were as frightening, as they were tragic.
A new place full of unknowns filled me with trepidation.
That first night at the Emergency Shelter.

With time my reality changed,
When I first arrived at The Sophia Way, I was sure I was losing my mind
If I had not lost it already.
Abuse, control, and fear does that,
To borrow a line from Dune
“Fear is the little mind killer.”
When in fear, our thoughts become muddy, our focus blurred.

With time, I forged new relationships and I learned to trust again.
Most importantly, in myself.
I learned just because we stumble, does not mean we are doomed to failure.
I grew, learned to smile and laugh again.
The Sophia Way tempered me,
Took what was weak, and shaken
and through caring, understanding, and an ear to listen,
made it strong.

I faced down my dragon,
That which I had feared and dreaded.
Something I wouldn’t have been able to do
If not for great staff at my side, cheering me on.
I came out successful; I slew my dragon.
And walked away head held high.

Without them, I fear for where I would have ended up.
Instead, I stand here a success.
Perhaps not by the measure of wealth and power,
But in strength and perseverance.

I leave you with the words of Maya Angelou:
“Woman, though you may face many defeats, may you never be defeated.”