Partnership with Chico’s
A place of hope and change for women.
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Partnership with Chico’s

Thank you to Chico’s in Bellevue Square Mall for holding a donation drive for us!

Jordan, a Chico’s employee, shares his thoughts about the importance of the work we do:

When I think of The Sophia Way the word hope comes to my mind. Touring the shelter and seeing what this organization does for women experiencing homelessness is so humbling, you realize that life can change in the blink of an eye.

I have a special place in my heart for The Sophia Way because I myself had to look to them for help at one point. If it wasn’t for an angel disguised as one of my coworkers I would have ended up at Sophia Way’s 21 bed program. This program houses 21 residents in the shelter for six months helping women get back on their feet and regain confidence; they also have the day program where they welcome people who may not  have a place to go in the morning. It is there that they can eat breakfast, take a nap, have a shower, basic things in life that should be guaranteed for everyone. The sad reality is that those things are not guaranteed for anyone.

Chico’s in Bellevue was inspired to partner with The Sophia Way because our goal is to uplift women every day when we walk into work. With our mission being to make our customers feel confident and beautiful, we want to make sure that everyone can experience that as well.

Homelessness does not discriminate, it can pick anyone, and being in Bellevue you wouldn’t think that is possible but it happens so often especially to women and they need our help. This organization is so incredible for the work that they do, you can feel the sense of community and peace of mind just from walking through the hallways. Seeing the beds that they provide, the welcome basket that they have prepared with linens and toiletries and a quilted blanket that residents get to call their own, the shelter really tries to make it feel like home given the circumstances. We are very proud to be involved in their cause for giving back and giving hope.