Serving the world, one person at a time
A place of hope and change for women.
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Serving the world, one person at a time

“I came across The Sophia Way when I read about the daunting problem of hunger in our country a few years ago. When I visited their shelter [Sophia’s Place] in Bellevue, the personal interaction with the women who experienced homelessness and hunger was genuinely painful and moving.

I returned home and read about many people who opened their hearts to marvelous possibilities of making their communities free from hunger and poverty. In a wide range of settings, people used simple methods and techniques to make a lasting impact.

I started asking my women friends for support. The journey of compassion began with donating a full course home-cooked lunch made by a small group of four friends. Slowly, we became actively involved in feeding homeless people in various shelters in the Greater Seattle area.

Some time, early last year, I came across another dear friend, Deepa Bala who was involved a similar effort. We decided to do this together. Our community of contributing women increased over time. The plan to deliver meals on a regular basis to homeless shelters on the Eastside came about. Since last year, we’ve been running a regular meal schedule every month at The Sophia Way and Friends of Youth.

This effort would not be possible without the commitment, friendship and invaluable support from a network of over fifty friends who contribute regularly to the project. We have a few different menus that we incorporate with a mix of healthy, home-cooked and store-bought foods.

We all, in one way or another, experience a journey that involves struggle, pain, and needing one another during difficult times. The greatest influence on our contribution has undoubtedly been the services that The Sophia Way has been providing to those in need. It is extremely gratifying to visit the women and interact with the volunteers on call at The Sophia Way when we deliver the meals. It is also wonderful to see how well the women are cared for.

The Sophia Way enables us to serve the world, one person at a time. I’d like to thank them for opening the doors to helping us make a difference.”

— Suma Subramaniam