The Sophia Way | Summertime at Sophia’s Place
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Summertime at Sophia’s Place

Michelle Carr, Evening Shelter Supervisor at Sophia’s Place shares a few wonderful stories of summertime activities at the shelter.


07_Stories Garden - CopyWith summer finally here, our residents have been spending more and more time outside, enjoying the warm and beautiful evenings in the garden and patio area.





07_Stories Summer Reading - CopyThe night shelter is participating in a group Summer Reading Challenge that runs until the end of August. Our goal is to read (as a community) 25 books in 50 days. We have a bunch of avid readers who have already finished reading 13 books!





07_Stories Banana Bread - CopyRecently, we had a bunch of bananas donated. To get the most out of them before they went bad, I made banana bread for our night shelter clients.





07_Stories Flowers - CopyOne evening, as a meal donor, Carolee and her friends prepared a delicious meal with many trays of food. They also very thoughtfully brought flowers to brighten up the evening meal time for our clients.





07_Stories Fruit - CopyBelles in Boots are an amazing group of women, kind and gracious, who regularly donate breakfast items. The fresh fruits are a great way to start the day for our clients.





Thank you to all our donors and volunteers who are making summer a beautiful time for our residents!