Thank You for the Good You Do!
A place of hope and change for women.
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Thank You for the Good You Do!

Dear Volunteers,

Thank you so much for supporting The Sophia Way and the women we serve. You make a positive difference to their lives , and we are truly grateful for your compassion and kindness. 

You care deeply about women who are without homes. You step up to provide nourishing meals and basic living necessities. You encourage them with your beautiful messages of hope and love. 

Your time and skills are invaluable. We cherish your dedication and your positive energy that is essential to the work that we do. We cannot do it without you. 

Thank you for helping women in our community have new beginnings. 

The Sophia Way team


We asked some of our community to share why they volunteer to support The Sophia Way

I can’t imagine and don’t know much about what the women, who come to The Sophia Way, have been through. Cooking them a nice meal to brighten their day and make them feel they deserve everything good like everyone else is a small act on my part. ~ Roohi

Sophia’s Place is a wonderful safe place for women that are struggling. I have helped, along with others from my church for the past six years. When I bring food and drinks for them, it is a great feeling to help someone in need. The staff is so appreciative of our efforts. ~ Kathy Doran

I volunteer to provide family for women who are down on their luck. ~ Lori Brown

I can see myself as the woman who barely makes the bills losing my job or having doctor bills that put me in a homeless situation.  Single women are vulnerable on the street and I want to do anything I can within my means to protect them. The Sophia Way is a blessing in a time of need. ~ Jane Becker (ALE Help for Homeless committee)

I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to cook for women without homes and contribute in a small and meaningful way to community as part of our family giving tradition. ~ Vidya Iyer

I volunteer to support The Sophia Way because there is a need…and I want to help in any way I can. ~ Jan Kentnor

The Sophia Way is doing incredible work in supporting women experiencing homelessness. I volunteer to give back to this wonderful organization in small but meaningful ways, to share my blessings in life! ~ Maneesha Lall

Thank you for being so selfless for so many women in whose lives you make a tangible difference!