Together We Are Stronger

As I write this note, the sun is shining—finally a feeling that we are off to a fresh start. However, the turn of events on a national level reminded me that we still have a long road ahead. But I have hope.
I have hope that new leadership will bring us closer together; that we are on our way to becoming healthy; and most importantly, I believe our community will continue to support those seeking the comfort of a place to call home.

When last year’s stimulus checks were being distributed, I was in awe of the generosity of many who felt they were in a position to share their wealth. While things may have gotten more difficult for some, my hope is that we will continue to see the benevolence of our caring community once again.

While we all await the day when we stand by one another’s side, share hugs, and break bread together, I know you will continue to do everything possible to protect yourself, your loved ones, and support protecting the women at The Sophia Way. It’s a difficult time, but I believe that our community is coming together in new ways that will have lasting benefits for us all.

Warm regards,

Alisa Chatinsky
Executive Director