Community Conversations with Mayor Lynne Robinson

Mayor Lynne Robinson spoke openly and sincerely at our Community Conversation on February 16.

She shared the community goal areas for the Bellevue Human Services Commission: food for all and a roof over their heads, supportive relationships between families, communities, and neighborhoods, a safe haven from all forms of violence and abuse, health care (physical and mental), and education and job skills to help individuals meet their full potential.

The Mayor acknowledged that affordable housing for all is a foundational challenge for the city – creating that whole spectrum of housing to make it possible for anybody who wants to live in Bellevue. She shared that the City of Bellevue recently set a goal of creating 70,000 new units of housing by 2044 to accommodate the anticipated 35,000 jobs that are coming. “That’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of partnership, a lot of planning.”

Thank you, Mayor Lynne Robinson, for your awareness and concern for those experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity and for sharing how the City of Bellevue is working with community partners to provide supportive services and housing options needed for everyone in our community.

Watch the recording of the event, including the Mayor’s talk and her responses to questions from the community.