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Ending homelessness for women
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Our staff provides personalized care and support

Due to the current health crisis, we have made some changes in our programs:

  • Our shelters and programs have moved to a small part of the Red Lion Hotel Bellevue. This has allowed for proper social distancing for the 120 women currently receiving services at The Sophia Way, as well as our staff, during this health crisis. Our case managers are also working from the same location.
  • We continue to offer services and support 24/7.
  • Our Extended-Stay Shelter continues to provide stability to 21 women for six months.

Note: Currently, due to the limited capacity at Red Lion Hotel, and to ensure following guidelines that prevent and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, we are unable to accept new clients.

Shelter & Services by The Sophia Way at Red Lion Hotel

Day Lounge
Hours: 7:15 AM to 7 PM

Breakfast and lunch; showers

Emergency Shelter
Hours: 7 PM to 7:15 AM

Mats and blankets; dinner and breakfast

Extended-Stay Shelter

Stability for 21 women for six months. Each woman has been given a private room at the hotel, and they have access to Day Lounge facilities.


We help women find transitional, permanent, and supportive housing, depending on need and availability. We work closely with King County, King County Housing Authority, landlords and apartment managers to help the women find stability.

Case Management

Case managers focus on the individual needs of each woman. They support her to get the quality of life that is of her choosing. They help her with planning and budgeting, and find resources, as needed, for counseling, medical attention, legal assistance, and job search.


The program supports people experiencing homelessness where they are at and connecting them to resources and housing opportunities.

Contact Molly Bowen