You Helped Change Lives In 2023


Women found shelter, safety, and stability


Nights of safety and warmth


Women moved into their own homes


Donated meals nourished women


Volunteering hours supported women

Living at Sophia’s Place has given me six months of refuge; long enough to focus on other matters, to make things happen and not worry about where to store my belongings. Knowing that I can have the same safe place and same safe bed each night is huge!
To have the resources to meet our personal needs, and the donations from the community are such a blessing.

A Place to Call Home

Leaving her family and home, Abra traveled a long way to get medical treatment. She found comfort at Sophia’s Place and a caring community that helped her heal. Hear her story

Julie radiates positivity and energy. She is a huge Seahawks fan, but that is only one part of her life. She has a beautiful story to share.