Women We Serve


Age 55+ years


Women of color


Have some form of disability


Report DV as a contributing factor to homelessness


Have an annual income less than $40,000

Different Paths to Homelessness

Kathy left everything she had and traveled across the country with her child to escape domestic violence.

Evelyn worked as a housekeeper in an upscale retirement facility but could not afford the rent for an apartment. She spent her nights sleeping in airport seating areas.

Patty had debilitating mental health issues as she had been victimized throughout her life, going all the way back to early childhood.

Martha worked as a private caregiver in a patient’s home. Sadly, when her patient passed away, she found herself without employment and could not get another job. She was 70 years old.

Dawn endured a long struggle with alcohol addiction, which led to the loss of her job and eviction from her apartment.

Challenges They Face

Physical abuse and assault

Lack of funds

Little or no access to healthcare

Little or no access to legal assistance

Lack of community support

Lack of confidence