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Ending homelessness for women
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Food is the gift of life

We are serving meals at two shelters – Helen’s Place and Sophia’s Place – and depend on the community to provide the women nourishing meals.

Helen’s Place, Kirkland

  • Hot lunch and dinner for 40 women
    (all days of the week)

Address: 8045 120th Avenue NE, Suite 200
Kirkland, WA 98033

Sophia’s Place, Bellevue

  • Cold lunch
    • for 30 women (Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun)
    • for 21 women (Mon, Tue, Fri)
  • Hot dinner for 21 women
    (all days of the week)

Address: 3032 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Sign up to donate a meal at Helen’s Place and Sophia’s Place

Questions? Email Megan Duncan at


  • Home-prepared meals
    • Hot meals: please prepare a complete meal (main hot dish, side dish, dessert, etc.) for the number of women selected. This will help us ensure that all women receive a full meal. The meals must be cooked and hot. If you would like to provide a cold side dish, such as a salad it needs to be store bought (packaged and unopened).
    • Cold lunches: a meal could include sandwiches or salads with fruits or cheese with crackers; dessert is optional.
  • You can also donate a restaurant meal or arrange to have restaurant meals sent to our shelters.
  • Follow the food safety guidelines from Public Health, Seattle & King County to ensure that you are taking all precautions to prepare and deliver the meal safely.
  • Read our guidelines to help you prepare meals for a large group.
  • Click here to sign to donate a meal to either or both shelters, and for delivery instructions.