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Ending homelessness for women
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We serve three meals, every day, to the women at our shelters

Meal donation for TSW Shelter at Red Lion Hotel

We are accepting meals from the community, based on the latest guidelines from the CDC. Please note:

  • We are now serving 100 women for both lunch and dinner. We understand that it may be challenging for you to cook for such a large number, so we have broken up the number of meals into smaller quantities.
  • You may choose to donate a meal for 100 women or for a small number. If you choose to cook a smaller number, please prepare a complete meal (main hot dish, side dish, dessert, etc.) for that number of people. This will help us ensure that all women receive a full meal.
  • We will only serve home-prepared meals that are cooked and hot. If you would like to provide a cold side dish, such as a salad it needs to be store bought (packaged and unopened).
  • We are requesting you to also provide the necessary plates and cutlery to accompany their meal. These should be disposable (but not made of Styrofoam), and, in accordance with health guidelines, the products should be unopened, in original packaging.
  • Please read our guidelines document for suggestions on cooking for large groups, as well as delivery instructions.
  • Please follow the food safety guidelines from Public Health, Seattle & King County to ensure that you are taking all precautions to prepare and deliver the meal safely.