An Update

Dear Friends,

This year is The Sophia Way’s 15th year of operations! The organization has grown and become stronger and better through all the changes and challenges. At every step, we have ensured that the women we serve and the staff that cares for them are supported. And we have to thank our community for always standing with us and with the women sheltering at Helen’s Place and Sophia’s Place. We have a healthy and robust Board that guides us and well-trained staff that works with solid processes and systems. The organization today is a critical resource for unhoused women in our community.

In celebrating our strengths, we also realize that change is inevitable.

We regretfully announce that Zee Peters, Executive Director, Development & Engagement, is leaving on March 16th.The Sophia Way to pursue a new opportunity to grow and share her skills. We are grateful to Zee for her dedication to the organization’s mission and leadership skills in building and leading a solid development team. We wish her the very best in her new role.

We are confident that The Sophia Way is in a strong place. Dietra will be leading the organization as Managing Executive Director. Her experiences in and insight into the human services landscape will serve us greatly, and under her leadership, The Sophia Way will continue to be stable, build services, and grow. Our strategic framework (The Sophia Way Forward) is helping build capacity and resources, create partnerships, and leverage the expertise of the community. We look forward to continuing shared leadership as a philosophy and will be looking at how the structure will be facilitated at a strategic planning meeting.

In the meantime, we will continue working towards our vision of every woman having a place to call home and supporting staff with growth opportunities. We know that together, we can do that and more!


Suzanne Justice, Board Chair

Dietra Clayton, Managing Executive Director