Volunteering is Rewarding!

Marty Wilhelm shares why she supports The Sophia Way

My parents modeled the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community through their actions. I have tried to embrace their philosophy.

It is evident that homelessness is a major concern in our communities, and I looked for organizations that are successfully addressing this issue. The Sophia Way certainly does this.

I have been involved with the organization for almost two years. I started by supporting The Sophia Way through monetary donations. However, I realized that I could help even more by volunteering. I started volunteering at the Donation Center in 2021, and now am also helping in-person at Helen’s Place during the lunch service. And, along with other church members, I have cooked meals for Sophia’s Place, their shelter in Bellevue.

I have found that all my various efforts have been personally rewarding. Staff members have been great, and I have enjoyed working with the other volunteers at the Donation Center.

I was very excited to be among the first volunteers at Helen’s Place when they opened in-shelter volunteering. I am so impressed with the facility and how the women are cared for and supported. It is inspiring!