Snippets from the Past
A place of hope and change for women.
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Snippets from the Past

An invitation that was the beginning of The Sophia Way’s journey. Read

Sixteen women found their homes with the help of The Sophia Way in the first year! Read

When like-hearted people get together, a community thrives. Read

Safe, warm, and stable living with case management support for 21 women. Read

Karina O’Malley shares the five-year journey of The Sophia Way. Read

A significant expansion of services that offered immediate care and resources. Read

Adoption of the approach that housing is the foundation for improving quality of life. Read

We honor the strength of the more than 4,000 women we have served in the last ten years. Read

The heart of Grace Lutheran Church beats strongly for people experiencing homelessness. Read

Dietra Clayton talks about the mission to support women have new beginnings. Read

“Thank you for making me feel safe and cared for during this crazy time.” Read

The realization of a long-cherished dream of having a 24/7 shelter. Read